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2020 International tibetan medicine conference
Covid - 19

Live webinar dialogue series

July 17, 2020   |   9:00-11:30pm EST 

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Tibetan Medicine Conference on Mind-Body Health

Conference mission

Tibetan medicine is a traditional medical system with a long history. It has special academic status and cultural significance in the field of traditional medical systems in China and the world. Since ancient times, the Tibetan people on the Tibetan Plateau have accumulated a vast knowledge of health care and life sustaining medicine.  Through a continuous summarization, refinement and learning process, these medical efforts have borne the fruit of “rGyud-bzhi, or Four Medical Tantras.”  The Tibetan medical system today is rich with its own characteristics and authentic contributions.  Adapting to the needs of the times yet following its own discipline in relation to theory and practice, a process of continuous innovation and development has enabled improvements in the ability to prevent and treat diseases and illnesses that continue to call for responses. Nowadays, with the transformation and growth of different medical modalities, the aging of populations, the increasing number of unhealthy people with chronic morbidities, and the growing appreciation of the need for optimal human health, there is an urgent need to explore the potential of traditional Tibetan medicine. Exploration of the advantages of Tibetan medicine to treat a wide range of modern illnesses presents a strategic opportunity for the further development of Tibetan medicine. At same time, such efforts face severe challenges, including obstacles to foreign recognition, practical barriers in relation to theory and practice, and narrow international standards. For this reason, the WFCMS has proposed a series of academic conferences to enable international academic exchanges and promote the modernization of Tibetan medicine.

The main purposes of the conference are as follows: to focus on the benefits and challenges of Tibetan medicine; to expand the application of Tibetan medicine at home and abroad; to strengthen national and international academic exchanges and collaboration; to deepen mutual understanding in order to advance domestic and foreign research findings; and to promote overall development of Tibetan medicine.

past Keynote speakers


Jiumei Pengcuo

Rudolph Tanzi

Rudolph Tanzi

Janet Gyatso

Janet Gyatso

Conference Highlights

The 2019 Xining International Conference on Tibetan Medicine will take place at the Qinghai Conference Center in Xining, China

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Tibetan Medicine Conference 2020

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